Bring Out Your BIts! Great resources

Security – News

Schneier on Security –

Brian Krebs





Questions and answers\Forums 

Superuser – General Q and A





high scalability

Justin’s I.T. blog

The Lone Sysadmin

When a Shell is Not Enough




Packet Bomb – Articles with videos and detailed analysis in wireshark (Because it’s not the network)

Cheat sheets


How to Be a Network Engineer Great blog by  , covering tips and advice to move along in your 

networking career.

Packet Thrower – networking and virtualization, and fun.


Blame the Network – All things Cisco and more – IOS cheat sheets


Py Net  – Python for network engineers by Kirk Byers. He also does an email course on python.


Operational IO – ELK write ups


Packet Life – A near perfect networking  site by Jeremy Stretch











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